Why is Laminate Flooring Becoming so Popular?

laminate flooring popular

Why is Laminate Flooring Becoming so Popular?

For many years laminate flooring has been considered the poor man’s choice.  It’s had a reputation for being cheap, noisy and having a low grade look. But advances in technology have rectified many of these drawbacks and have made it rise as a material of choice.  Why is laminate flooring becoming so popular? Read more to find out.


The fact is that laminate flooring is still far cheaper than solid or engineered hardwood planks.  Add this to that advances in laminate flooring manufacturing have made it almost unrecognizable from these more expensive options and you have a renewed interest in the product.  If you’re looking for value for your money, it’s hard to go wrong with laminate flooring.


If you’re looking for a flooring material for an area that experiences heavy traffic, laminate flooring is more than able to meet your needs.  Many of today’s laminates are even more durable than solid hardwood planks. The pressed wood that comprises laminate flooring makes it highly resistant to moisture, warping, scratches and stains.


Laminate flooring is extremely easy to maintain.  Regularly sweeping the floor and quickly taking care of any spills are all that really needs to be done.  You won’t have to worry about waxing, polishing, buffing or any of the other chores associated with hardwoods.  A laminate floor is a low maintenance option that still provides you with a great look.

Discolouration Resistance

Laminate floors have a protective wear layer that makes them resistant to stains, fading and other discolourations that affect many other types of flooring materials.  The wear layer works to protect the floor from spills, sunlight and other agents of blemish. Compared with other popular flooring materials such as stone and solid hardwood your worries about discolouration will be far fewer.

Water Resistance

One of the common arguments against laminate floors was their sensitivity to water and humidity.  However, advances in wear layer formulation have increased the ability of laminate floors to withstand the effects of moisture.  No longer do laminate floors need to be excluded from the bathroom, kitchen or other rooms that are known for dampness.  

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