Laminate flooring is a highly versatile and economical alternative to solid or engineered hardwood and many other types of flooring materials. It combines a pressed wood chip composite for durability and strength with a high-resolution photographic image layer that allows it to resemble almost any type of wood or stone and a tough, but clear wear layer that makes it virtually scratch-resistant. Today’s laminate floors look great, feel great and last longer than ever before.

For DIY enthusiasts, laminate floors are easy to install using click or fold and lock systems that allow coverage of large areas in short amounts of time. The planks are easily cut to size for tight corners or edging, while the floating floor system allows it to be laid down over most types of subfloor materials.

The tough surface coating of laminate flooring makes it ideal for people with small children and pets. The wear layer is virtually scratch and dent-proof while still allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance. If you’re in the market for a relatively inexpensive yet environmentally friendly flooring option that offers a wide variety of styles and textures, laminate flooring is a great choice.To learn more, get in touch with the laminate flooring Toronto experts at Wood Floors by JBW.

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