Pros & Cons of Wide Plank Flooring

wide plank flooring

Pros & Cons of Wide Plank Flooring

For many different reasons, wide hardwood flooring planks have become quite the popular trend in recent years.  However, the trend does not come without its drawbacks.  In this article we’ll go over the pros & cons of wide plank flooring to allow you to make a decision as to whether or not they make sense for your property.


Wide Plank Flooring Pros


Size Perception


Wider planks will naturally make a room look bigger.  Not only are wide planks wider, they’re normally longer than the more common sized flooring planks.  The combination of width and length tricks the eye into believing the area looks larger than it actually is.  If you’re trying to make a small area appear larger, wide planks may be part of the solution.


Property Value


Partly because of their current popularity, but more because of their cost, wide plank flooring tends to increase the value of a property that’s been placed on the market.  Wide planks can be used as a sales bargaining position to justify higher prices.




Wide planks show off more of the wood’s grain and texture which can create a more appealing overall look.  For this reason, wide planks work especially well in rustic settings.  When it comes to pleasing aesthetics, wide plank floors are often at the top of the list.  


Wide Plank Flooring Cons




Wide planks are much more expensive to buy and install than the smaller pieces.  Much of this has to do with their source.  Wide planks must be milled from the trunks of very old trees.  As old growth forests come under more pressure and conservation laws, the availability and price of wide planks only increase.




Due to their size, wide planks are more prone to warping or cupping, especially in unstable climates.  Fluctuations in humidity and temperature or exposure to damp conditions will cause any hardwood to warp, but this becomes especially acute with wider planks.  Kiln drying can reduce this problem, but it also adds to the cost.




Many types of wood flooring are conducive to being installed by the DIY enthusiast, but wide hardwood planks aren’t one of them.  Not only are they more prone to warping and cupping if improperly installed, their extra width makes them more likely to crack and split.  And, of course, professional installation raises the cost even more.


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